New deals and specials for February.

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With a new month comes new deals!

Our big push this quarter is promote video shop training. With that being our goal we are offering free online IMSC video shop training or a $75 rebate after successfully completing in person video shop training at a Video Shopping Pros workshop.

This special will be good through the end of the first quarter.

We've also added about two dozen new products. If you are doing parking jobs for companies like Servimer you may be interested in some of our cameras for the interior of your car. New items include smartwatch spywatches, cigarette lighter spy cameras, in-car wifi-hotspots, and bluetooth earbud spy cameras. Check out our store here.

Paid IMSC members and ACE Mystery Shoppers who have completed a job for Ace in the last month get a general discount of at least 10% or more on most items. Please contact us direct for a quote.

Lastly, we are now offering Wi-fi Hotspots for your car. It plugs into your port and tracks your car and allows you to say whether its for work or personal as well as provides 2 gigabytes of LTE data on the T-Mobile network. After that you have 3g speeds. Great for when you have reports to do and perfect for route shoppers. No contract required but you will have to pay for the device up front. Can also increase data allotment if wanted.

Not only that but the drive sense includes Allstate Roadside Assistance for your vehicle.

You can get details about the Drive Sense itself at this link.

Please contact us for details or questions.

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