Lawmate Hat Camera

  • $209.99

This cleverly designed hidden camera is disguised as your average baseball hat. The camera is secretly mounted behind the lid and has a secret pocket designed to hide your handheld DVR under the cap.

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  • I'm not tech savvy. Does the hat come with the camera along with the mini DVR? How do I transfer the video from the hat to an older desktop computer or a newer Samsung tablet?

    Hello!  The hat does not come with the dvr.  It is compatible with all analog models of the lawmate pv-500 however.     The video is recorded to an SD card.  What I normally do is remove the SD and upload to Dropbox and then I can access the video from any device.  That would let you have access on both your desktop, your tablet, or any other device you have with internet access.  If you have an SD card reader slot on your devices you could also insert it directly and play it off of the SD card.